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My name is Natalie Smith and welcome to my AP Bio Blog! I am a rising senior at Notre Dame High School in Belmont, California and am a competitive swimmer who is planning on swimming in college. I am taking AP Biology because after taking the introductory Biology, Chemistry, and Physics courses, I found my biggest passion is for Biology and would love to learn more about the subject as my final high school science class. Within the course, I expect to be able to approach the teacher when I need help, form study groups with my classmates, and gain a further understanding of Biology. I am hoping that with the heavy coursework in AP Biology, I will be forced to become less of a procrastinator and form better studying habits, thus better preparing myself for college. I believe the most challenging aspect of AP Biology will be keeping up with the coursework through college applications and with swimming; however, I am beyond excited to be taking the course and I am looking forward to the school year!